11:15 Get you groove on with the throwback indie folk 60's stylings of Jamey Geston

12:00 Chill out with the mellow and vintage feel of indie surf rock crew the Blue Suns

12:45 Get a taste of the islands with the introspective guitar acoustics of the magnificent Owen Plant

1:30 Get goin' this afternoon with some snappy rock-pop with the indie-credible group The Gallery

2:00 Immerse yourself in a series of five student dance pieces: Heal The World, Rhianna, Clap it Up, Still Hot, and For the Ratchets presented by The Santa Barbara Dance Arts

2:15 Party on with the acoustic Americana sound of rockers and ruffians The Easy Leaves

2:45 On behalf of CEC and the Fund for Santa Barbara, Geoff Green presents the 2013 Environmental Hero Award to Van Jones. Congratulations!

3:45 Come one, Come all! And dance to the eclectic folk-rock stylings of Indian Trading Furs

4:45 Jam along with local indie surf pop quartet Dante Elephante

5:45 Do you like the Clash? The Police? Sublime? Then head over for a fun time with the reggae, punk rock and bluegrass fusion of the Mad Caddies

11:00 Asana your way into a great Earth Day with moves designed to lift the spirit and invigorate every fiber of being with Yoga Soup

11:45 Head over to Hoop Tosses with Aya and improve your hula hooping skills

12:15 Get your heart pumping with the acrobatic rhythms of dance and martial arts with Capoeira

1:30 Dance to the brilliant acoustic colorings of Crane Country Day School's 22-piece xylophone marimba sensation, Vibes!

2:00 Bill Nye will be receiving the 2013 Environmental Hero Award Presented by Assembly Member Das Williams on behalf of CEC. Congrats!

2:30 Check out Pilot Touhill, bringing you catchy reggae-pop and laying some sweet electronic beats for your listening pleasure

3:15 Move along to the upbeat grooves of the five-piece funk, rock, soul, and reggae sounds provided by The Fire Department

4:15 Usher in the evening with the exciting fusion of reggae and dub music by One Drop

5:15 Dance, sweat, and feel good all over to end the festival on a high note with the always energetic Afrolicious

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